N=Z Collaboration Meeting

23-24 May 2016
Heavy Ion Laboratory, University of Warsaw,
ul. Pasteura 5A, Warszawa

Date and time

start on 23 May at 2pm , end on 24 May at 3pm.


Several experiments aiming at investigation of N~Z nuclei have been proposed at GANIL and will be considered at the coming PAC meeting in June. Two such experiments are already approved. Construction of new neutron detection array NEDA is in progress and experiments with AGATA connected to NEDA and other devices are planned at GANIL in 2018. In parallel, the experimental campaign with GALILEO and Neutron Wall is pursued at LNL.

We organize this meeting to share information on experiments at LNL, to maximize the chance to get the largest possible number of proposals approved in June at GANIL, and to discuss technical issues related to the installation of NEDA with AGATA.

Preliminary programme

23 May : 2pm – 7pm

  1. Projects at GANIL and LNL:

    1. Proposals approved/ran at LNL (?)

    2. Proposals approved and submitted to GANIL (S. Lenzi)

  2. Detectors/equipment status:

    1. AGATA (E. Clément)

    2. NEDA/NWall (J.J. Valiente Dobon)

    3. DIAMANT (B. Nyako/I. Kuti)

    4. Target chamber (N. Redon)

    5. Plunger with DIAMANT (J. Ljungval)

    6. Fast scintillators (?)

    7. Discussion: integration, tests, … who is doing what and when

24 May: 9am-1pm

  1. Presentation of GANIL proposals
    PAC like conditions - 8 minutes per talk + ample time for discussion/criticism
    see the list of N~Z proposals submitted

24 May: 2pm-3pm

  1. Next PAC in LNL; detector status and projects at LNL

  2. Final discussion/Summary of actions


The meeting will be held in Warsaw, at the Heavy Ion Laboratory, University of Warsaw.

The location of the Heavy Ion Laboratory can be checked using this google link (the Polish name of the Laboratory, "Środowiskowe Laboratorium Ciężkich Jonów",  is displayed in the middle of the map). The street address is Pasteura 5A.

The Laboratory is located 6 km from the Warsaw airport.  A public bus trip from the airport takes about 20 minutes,  add 5 minutes walking. There are a few buses per hour during the day. A taxi ride usually takes  10-15 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.


Please register at: www.slcj.uw.edu.pl/NZmeeting/signup.php
The registration will be opened until 15 May.

List of participants.


We suggest three hotels at different prices, listed below, all situated at the same street address: Towarowa 2. The place (google link) can be easily reached by frequent trams from HIL. The trip takes 6-7 minutes in the tram plus less than 10 minutes walking.

The prices listed below are today's rates for 23 May, as shown at the hotels' web pages.

Mind that better rates for same hotels are often available at booking.com.

A few guest rooms at HIL are also available at a price of 120 PLN per night. Please send a mail to nzmeeting@slcj.uw.edu.pl if you wish to stay at HIL.

Social event

A dinner down town Warsaw is planned on 23 May.




Gilles de France, Marcin Palacz

Locally suppported by: Marzena Wolińska-Cichocka, Agnieszka Trzcińska, Łukasz Świątek.


Heavy Ion Laboratory, University of Warsaw