Polish-German Meeting on the New International Accelerator Facility at Darmstadt

Warsaw, Heavy Ion Laboratory, 24 November 2003

Scientific Programme

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10:15 WELCOME - J. Jastrzębski, Warszawa

W. Tygielski, Prorector of the Warsaw University (Picture)
S. Kern, Science Counselor of the German Embassy in Warsaw (Picture)

SESSION 1: The New Facility - Chair: J. Żylicz, Warszawa

10:35 The New International Accelerator Facility at Darmstadt - W. Henning, Darmstadt (PowerPoint) (Picture)

11:20 Coffee Break

SESSION 2: From Collaboration to Participation, Atomic and Medical Physics - Chair: Z. Sujkowski, Świerk/Warszawa

11:35 Present Polish-German Collaborations at GSI Darmstadt - R. Kulessa, Kraków (PowerPoint) (Picture)

11:55 Outlook Towards Future Polish Participation in the New Accelerator Facility – T. Matulewicz, Warszawa (PowerPoint) (Picture)

12:25 Atomic Physics - A. Warczak, Kraków (PowerPoint, PDF ) (Picture)

12:45 Radiobiology and Radiation Therapy – E. Gudowska-Nowak, Kraków (PowerPoint, PDF ) (Picture)

13:00 Lunch Break

SESSION 3: Nuclear Matter Physics - Chair: J. Eschke, Darmstadt

14:00 Theory of Dense Baryonic Matter - K. Redlich, Wrocław and Bielefeld (PDF) (Picture)

14:25 Nuclear Matter Physics: The CBM Project - P. Senger, Darmstadt (PowerPoint, PDF ) (Picture)

14:45 Particle Identification in the CBM Detector - K. Wiśniewski, Warszawa (PowerPoint) (Picture)

15:00 Low-mass Vector Meson Identification in the CBM Detector - R. Karabowicz, Kraków (PowerPoint) (Picture)

15:15 Dileptons from Hades to CBM - P. Salabura, Kraków (PowerPoint, PDF) (Picture)

15:30 Coffee Break

SESSION 4: Research with Antiprotons - Chair: P. Rozmej, Zielona Góra

15:45 Facilities for Hadron Spectroscopy - J. Ritman, Giessen (PowerPoint, PDF) (Picture)

16:05 Research with the PANDA Detector - J. Kisiel, Katowice (PowerPoint, PDF ) (Picture)

16:20 From COSY to PANDA - P. Moskal, Kraków (PDF) (Picture)

16:35 Coffee break

SESSION 5: Nuclear Structure and Astrophysics - Chair: E. Roeckl, Darmstadt and Warszawa

16:50 Theory of Nuclear Structure - A.Sobiczewski, Warszawa (Picture)

17:10 Gamma Spectroscopy with RISING at the FRS - A. Maj, Kraków (PowerPoint) (Picture)

17:25 Super-FRS, the Next-Generation International Facility - H. Geissel, Darmstadt (PowerPoint, PDF ) (Picture)

17:45 Precision Experiments and Photon Spectroscopy at the Super FRS - M. Górska, Darmstadt (PowerPoint, PDF) (Picture)

18:00 Beta and Particle Decay Spectroscopy at the Super FRS - Z. Janas, Warszawa (PowerPoint, PDF ) (Picture)

18:15 General Discussion

18:45 End of the Meeting (Picture 1, Picture 2)