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HIL Mailing List

We maintain a mailing list. The purpose of this list is to provide a tool facilitating the exchange of information in the Heavy Ion Laboratory in Warsaw and among its guests, visitors and sympathisers.

You are welcome to use the list to inform people about events in the Lab, to ask questions on relevant subjects and to discuss topics related to the Lab activities.

You may expect to receive from the list all kinds of the Lab related information.

  • The list is NOT moderated and is open to everybody. This means that anybody can subscribe to the list and anybody can post a message which will be passed to every member of the list (with a few small exceptions).
  • This list is managed by a utility called mailman. Information regarding subscription to the list, user options, contact with administrator, etc, is available here.

  • In order to get your message posted, i.e. distributed among all the list members, send it to hil@slcj.uw.edu.pl
  • Please keep in mind that doing "reply" to a message received from the list will usually result in sending your mail to the original sender of the message only, NOT to the list ! This however depends on your mailer, in some cases your message may go to the entire list, so please watch your screen and think twice while replying.
  • The list is held in Polish at present. English language postings are welcome. Using English will be strongly encouraged if foreign subscribers mark their presence on the list.