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Student projects

A. Preparation of targets for nuclear physics measurements and study of their properties (supervisors: A. Stolarz, A. Trzcińska - HIL Warsaw)

  1. Samer Ali Nasher Ahmed, University of Cologne, Germany
  2. Anastasia Georgiadou, University of Ioannina, Greece
  3. Georgia Marangouli, University of Ioannina, Greece

B. Target thickness and cross-section measurements based on Rutherford scattering of 20Ne ions (supervisors: P. Napiorkowski - HIL Warsaw, I. Strojek - National Centre for Nuclear Research, Świerk)

  1. Helena Andres, University of Barcelona, Spain
  2. Emma Buchanan, University of Glasgow, UK
  3. Massimo Capasso, University of Bari, Italy

C. Experimental study of a nuclear reaction (20Ne+12C) (supervisors: N. Patronis - University of Ioannina, Greece, I. Strojek - National Centre for Nuclear Research, Świerk)

  1. Oleksandr Hryhorenko,Kharkiv National University, Ukraine
  2. Philipp Scholz, University of Cologne, Germany
  3. Matthew Whittam, University of Glasgow, UK

D. Low-background measurements of biological samples and long-lived reaction products by means of gamma-ray spectroscopy (supervisor: T. Marchlewski - University of Warsaw)

  1. Ganna Blazhenets, Kharkiv National University, Ukraine
  2. Ivan Maliyov, Kharkiv National University, Ukraine