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NWall at GANIL and New Neutron Detectors for SPIRAL 2

Heavy Ion Laboratory, University of Warsaw
4-5 October 2007
lecture room B

The aim of the first day of the meeting is to evaluate plans of future experiments with the Neutron Wall at GANIL, especially in connection to the current call for proposals, with the submission deadline on 6 November 2007.
The second day of the meeting will be devoted to the construction of the new neutron detector system for SPIRAL 2.

Organisers: Johan Nyberg, Marcin Palacz, Javier Valiente


click titles to see the presentations

Thursday, 4 October 2007:

Neutron Wall at GANIL, coffee seerved from 13:20, start at 13:30

Johan Nyberg NWall introduction
Marcin Palacz Report on experiments performed so far at GANIL
Bob Wadsworth Search for T=0 pairing and a new coupling scheme in 92Pd and 88Ru
Jean-Antoine Scarpaci Neutron Spectroscopy with NWall
Gilles de France EXOGAM
Barna Nyako DIAMANT
Maurycy Rejmund VAMOS
Discussion on planned NWall experiments - minutes

Friday, 5 October 2007

New neutron detectors, start at 9:00

Javier Valiente Introduction to the new neutron detectors
Andres Gadea Coupling of the neutron detector with AGATA
Scott Williams DESCANT: DEuterated SCintillator Array for Neutron Tagging
Par-Anders Söderström Digital pulse shape discrimination
Louise Stuttge New neutron detection material (ANR project "Neutromania")
Franck Delaunay Neutron detector developments at LPC Caen
Adam Maj PARIS project and its synergy with neutron detectors
Discussion - minutes
Witek Męczyński, Reactions on target impurities and RFD

end at about 3 pm

Registered participants:

Giacomo De Angelis
Franck Delaunay
Gilles De France
Andres Gadea
Grzegorz Jaworski
Jan Kownacki
Adam Maj
Witold Męczyński
Barna Nyako
Kati Nyako
Johan Nyberg
Marcin Palacz
Ludwik Pieńkowski
Maurycy Rejmund
Krzysztof Rusek
Jean-Antoine Scarpaci
Jean-Nicolas Sheurer
Louise Stuttge
Par-Anders Söderström
Agnieszka Trzcińska
Javier Valiente
Bob Wadsworth
Scott Williams
Darek Wolski
Katarzyna Wrzosek


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