XXXIII European Cyclotron Progress Meeting

(under the auspices of the Rector of Warsaw University)

September 17-21, 2002

Heavy Ion Laboratory, Warsaw University


Institute of Nuclear Physics, Krakow

Third Announcement

Complete information concerning the Conference (including the scientific programme and the maps of surroundings) can be found at the web site:

Programme overview

17.09 Tuesday



Registration at HIL, Poster pinning, Welcome buffet

18.09 Wednesday






Opening addresses



Session 1



Session 2




Poster session



Session 3



Session 4


Reception at HIL


Bus departure for the concert


Concert (Seminary Church - Krakowskie Przedmiescie)

MESSIAH - Oratorio in form of sacra rappresentazione music by G.F.Haendel, text by Ch.Jennens

Chamber Choir of the Warsaw Chamber Opera

Period Instruments Ensemble of the Warsaw Chamber Opera


Conductor & Italian harpsichord - Wladys³aw Klosiewicz

19.09 Thursday



Session 5



Visit of HIL



Session 6




Poster session



Session 7



Session 8

20.09 Friday



Bus departure from hotels to the railway station



Train Warsaw -- Kraków (IC Kaszub)


Bus departure from railway station to INP



Lunch INP



Visit of Kraków Cyclotron


Bus departure to IBIS Hotel


Conference dinner (bus departure from IBIS and KRAK hotels 18:30)

21.09 Saturday



Welcome address



Session 9



Session 10


End of the Meeting



Lunch (at INP)


Bus departure to IBIS Hotel

* * * *

We would appreciate your early declaration (by e-mail before Tuesday, September 10) if you are interested in attending the cultural event on Wednesday, September 18 (ticket price is 60 PLN = 15 Euro), as we would like to book approximate number of seats in advance.


Meeting Proceedings

Please remember that the deadline for submitting the contributions to be published as the Meeting Proceedings in NUKLEONIKA, International Journal of Nuclear Research, is 21 September 2002.

Instructions for authors can be found on

We expect the manuscripts of Invited Talks to be no longer than 15 pages and of the Contributions no longer than 8 pages, including tables and figures (double space typed, font 12 pt, with 2.5 cm margins).

The Meeting organisers should obtain the hard copy and the electronic version – WORD or LaTex - of the presentation (for submitting to the Publisher) no later than at the end of Meeting.

How to reach hil and hotels in Warsaw?

If you arrive to the Warsaw Airport Okecie

and you like to take the city bus:

Buses 175 and 188 will bring you to the city. The bus stop is just in the front of the exit.

The bus tickets (2.4 PLN) are available at the newspaper/tobacco stand at the arrival level. Additional ticket is required for a large piece of luggage.

To reach HIL you should get out at 10th stop (AKADEMIA MEDYCZNA). To find HIL site please refer to the map available at our web page.

To reach PAN hostel you have to get out at the 9th stop (TROJDENA).

To reach GROMADA hotel you have to get out at the 2nd stop (17 STYCZNIA).

To reach Jan III SOBIESKI hotel take only 175 and get out at the 13th stop (PL. ZAWISZY).

There is no direct bus to the VERA hotel. If you wish anyhow to use a bus please contact us for details.

and you like to take a taxi:

Refuse to accept the offers by taxi drivers approaching you in the arrival hall. Go outside and take a company taxi displaying one of the following numbers:

919 6444444 6777777

The yellow-dressed man or woman is a dispatcher for a 6444444 company, but you can go directly to the taxi stand.

The taxi costs for HIL, hotels VERA or Jan III Sobieski and PAN Hostel should not exceed 20-25 PLN at the daytime. Night fare (after 10 p.m.) is slightly higher, app. 30 35 PLN. Banknotes of 5 Euro (1 Euro is about 4 PLN) will be accepted, but coins are usually not.

If you stay at GROMADA Hotel look for Rent-a-car counter opposite to the elevator going to the upper level. They will provide you free transportation to the hotel.

If you arrive by train to Warszawa Centralna you can:

a) Take tram number 7 or 9 or 25 going in the direction Ochota or Okecie (West) from the stop which is in front of the train station and get out at the 6th stop (vis à vis KINO OCHOTA). The Laboratory building is about 400 m from this stop.

b) Take the bus No. 175 going in the direction Airport from the stop which is in the front of the train station and get out at the 5th stop (AKADEMIA MEDYCZNA).

Tickets – see explanation in the first paragraph of this chapter.

As everywhere in the world you have to watch out for pickpockets if you take
a public bus or tram.

When arriving by car

We hope that the map in our web page can help you to find your way but please don't hesitate to contact us for more details.

Connections from hotels to HIL

You can reach HIL from the GROMADA hotel using 175 or 188 bus line.

At the conference days (18 and 19 September) Hotel Gromada will provide transportation of the Meeting participants to HIL at 8:30 sharp. The shuttle bus will be marked with XXXIII ECPM sign.

Hotels Jan III Sobieski, VERA and PAN hostel are within 15 min walking distance from HIL, therefore no transportation will be necessary.

Trip TO/FROM Krakow

We remind that the trip TO Krakow will be arranged by us and the ticket cost is included in the conference fee.

The back trip from Krakow has to be arranged and paid by you. To help you in planning the back trip to Warsaw we enclose on our web page the train timetable from Krakow to Warsaw. Approximate price of the train ticket is 60 – 100 PLN (15 – 25 Euro) depending on class and the kind of train.

Post-conference activities

List of the post-conference activities was given in the Second Announcement.

Please be prepared to declare your interest in it during the registration to the Meeting. It will help to arrange the guides and entrance cards reasonably in advance.

Weather and Exchange rate

Usually September is nice in Poland (Polish Indian Summer with temperatures 18-201C) but you have to be prepared for extremes, cold (10-121C) with rain. This year after very hot summer the long-term forecasts predict even temperature between 20-251C till the end of September. It is your choice to rely on it or not.

The present exchange rate for:

Euro is approx. 4.1 PLN

USD is approx. 4.2 PLN

Useful addresses


Plac A. Zawiszy

02-025 Warszawa

tel: (+48 22) 579 1000

fax: (+48 22) 658 1365


ul. 17 Stycznia 32

02-148 Warszawa

tel: (+48 22) 576 4600

fax: (+48 22) 846 2201

VERA hotel

ul. Bitwy Warszawskiej 1920 r 16

02-366 Warszawa

tel: (+48 22) 822 7421-29

fax (+48 22) 823 6256

PAN – MCB hostel

ul. Pawiñskiego 5a

02-106 Warszawa

tel: (+48 22) 658 4700

fax: (+48 22) 658 4789

IBIS Hotel

ul. Przy Rondzie 2

31–547 Kraków

tel: (+48 12) 421 8188 or299 0000

fax: (+48 12) 411 4794 or 299 0001

KRAK Motel

ul.Radzikowskiego 99

31-315 Kraków

tel: (+48 12) 637 2122

fax: (+48 12) 637 2532

Institute of the Nuclear Physics

ul. Radzikowskiego 132

31-342 Kraków

tel: (+ 48 12) 662 8000

fax: (+48 12) 662 8458

HIL – see at the footnote

Scientific Committee

Eric Baron, GANIL France

Jan I.Botman, TUE Holland

Sytze Brandenburg, KVI Holland

Luciano Calabretta, LNS Italy

Yves Jongen, IBA Belgium

Esko Liukkonen, Uni. of Jyväskylä, Finland

Rudolf Maier, FZ-Jülich, Germany

Rouben Oganessian, JINR-Dubna, Russia

Nancy Postiau, UCL Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

Dag Reistad, Uni. of Uppsala, Sweden

Guido Ryckewaert, UCL Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

Pierre A.Schmelzbach, PSI Switzerland

Hermann Schweickert, FZ-Karlsruhe Germany

International Organising Committee

Edmund Bakewicz, INP Krakow, Poland

Grigorij Gulbekian, JINR-Dubna, Russia

Heinrich Homeyer, ISL-HMI Berlin, Germany

Jerzy Jastrzebski, HIL Warsaw, Poland; (Chairman)

Stanisław Kulinski, SINS-Swierk, Poland

Anna Stolarz, HIL Warsaw, Poland;

Jozef Sura, HIL Warsaw, Poland


Phone: (+48-22)55 46000 or (+48-22)-822 2123

Fax: (+48-22)-659 2714

Heavy Ion Laboratory, Warsaw University
ul. Pasteura 5A, 02-093 Warszawa, Poland