List of poster presentations
only confirmed participant posters are listed here

C-7 Sub-harmonic bunching in the AGOR cyclotron
  S. Brandenburg, KVI, Groningen
C-9 DDS-based multiple frequencies generator for the RF systems at INFN-LNS
  A. Caruso, INFN-LNS, Catania
C-10 Fusion Mechanism Particularities for $ ^{11}$B + p reaction in 4.21-5.81 MeV energy range
  I. Dryapachenko INR, Kyiv
C-17 Role of the biased electrode for producing the highly charged ions from DECRIS 14-3 ion source
  M. Leporis FLNR JINR, Dubna
C-22 Development of a magnetic field monitoring system for the JAERI AVF cyclotron
  S. Okumura, JAERI, Takasaki
C-23 Computer simulation of the space charge dominated beam dynamics for external injection into JINR Phasotron
  L. M. Onischenko, JINR, Dubna
C-24 Numerical simulation of the space charge effects in the sector cyclotron
  E. V. Samsonov, JINR, Dubna
C-29 The TSL 6.4 GHz ECR ion source - status, improvements and measurements
  D. van Rooyen, Svedberg Lab., Uppsala
C-32 Status of the Warsaw ECR ion source
  K. Sudlitz, HIL, Warsaw
C-33 The numerical simulation of the ion beams transmission efficiency for the design of the DC-72 cyclotron vacuum systems
  A. Tikhomirov, JINR, Dubna
C-34 Magnetic field simulation in the central region of the VINCY Cyclotron
  A. S. Vorojtsov, JINR, Dubna
C-37 Recent development for high intensity beams at GANIL
  B. Bru, GANIL, Caen
C-38 Ray tracing with the program TRACK - from beam transport magnets to cyclotron
  V. Vrankovic, PSI, Villingen
C-39 3-D magnetic fields recontruction in the strong focusing separator
  O. V. Semchenkova FLNR JINR, Dubna
C-40 A method of the magnetic field formation in cyclotrons
  A. G. Semchenkov FLNR JINR, Dubna