Scientific Programme

17.09 Tuesday
16:00 20:00   Poster pinning
      Welcome buffet
18.09 Wednesday
8:00 8:50   Registration
9:00 9:30   Opening of the Meeting by the Rector
      of the Warsaw University, Prof. P. Węgleński
Session 1   Chairperson: S. Kuliński
9:30 10:10 I-1 World trends in cyclotron developments for nuclear physics and applications
      E. Baron; GANIL, Caen
10:10 10:40 I-2 Ion transport from the source to first orbits
      J.L.Belmont; ISN Grenoble
10:40 11:10   Coffee break
Session 2   Chairperson: P. Schmelzbach
11:10 11:30 C-12 Space charge dominated beam transport in the K130 Cyclotron injection line
      P. Heikkinen, University of Jyväskylä
11:30 12:00 I-6 The IBA selfextracting cyclotron project
      W. Kleeven, IBA, Louvain-la-Neuve
12:00 12:20 C-6 Developments at the AGOR facility
      S. Brandenburg, KVI, Groningen
12:20 12:40 C-15 Status of ISL
      H. Homeyer, HMI, Berlin
12:40 13:00 C-25 Operation of the RFQ-injector at the VICKSI-cyclotron
      W. Pelzer, HMI, Berlin
14:30 15:00   Poster Session
Session 3   Chairperson: E. Baron
15:00 15:30 I-11 Compact cyclotrons for radiopharmaceuticals and tracers production
      A. M. J. Paans, PET-Center, Groningen
15:30 15:50 C-2 Status report of the Karlsruhe Central Cyclotron Department
      H. J. Gils, Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe
15:50 16:20   Coffee break
Session 4   Chairperson: G. Ryckewaert
16:20 16:40 C-13 The radiochemistry cyclotron in University Helsinki
      K. Helariutta, University of Helsinki
16:40 17:00 C-36 Recent developments in cyclotron technology of IBA
      Y. Jongen, IBA, Louvain-la-Neuve
17:00 17:20 C-41 Medical activity at General Electric
      W. Capece, GE, Buc
17:45 19:15   Reception at HIL
19.09 Thursday
Session 5   Chairperson: G. Dutto
9:00 9:30 I-5 Swift Ion Beams for solid state and material science
      A. Denker, HMI Berlin
9:30 9:50 C-1 Magnet system of high mass ions cyclotron for track membrane production
      L. M. Onischenko JINR, Dubna
9:50 10:20 I-4 Warsaw Cyclotron: present status and plans of development
      J. Choinski, HIL, Warsaw University, Warsaw
10:20 10:40 C-5 Status and perspectives of the cyclotron JULIC as COSY-injector
      H. Jungwirth, IKF, Jülich
10:40 11:40   Coffee break
      Visit of the Warsaw Cyclotron
Session 6   Chairperson: Y. Jongen
11:40 12:10 I-7 R&D of ECR Ion Sources: news and perspectives
      S. Gammino; INFN-LNS, Catania
12:10 12:30 C-16 The modifications of the JYFL 6.4 GHz ECR ion source
      H. Koivisto, University of Jyväskylä,
12:30 12:50 C-18 First beam from the DECRIS 14-2m ion source for Slovak republic
      V. Loginov, FLNR JINR, Dubna
12:50 13:10 C-3 Recent Development in ECR Sources
      C. Bieth, PANTECHNIK, Caen
14:30 15:00   Poster Session
Session 7   Chairperson: S. Brandenburg
15:00 15:30 I-10 Cyclotrons in Radioactive Beam Facilities
      M. Loiselet, UCL, Louvain-la-Neuve
15:30 16:00 I-9 SPIRAL - a new Radioactive Beam Facility
      M. Lieuvin, GANIL, Caen
16:00 16:30   Coffee break
Session 8   Chairperson: E. Liukkonen
16:30 17:00 I-8 Status report and future development of DRIBs project
      G. G. Gulbekian, FLNR JINR, Dubna
17:00 17:20 C-11 Recent Achievements at TRIUMF
      G. Dutto, TRIUMF, Vancouver
17:20 17:40 C-28 Status report of the LNS Superconducting cyclotron
      D. Rifuggiato INFN-LNS, Catania
17:40 18:00 C-21 Status report on the VINCY cyclotron
      N. Neškovic, VINCY, Belgrade
20.09 Friday
14:30 15:30   Visit of Kraków Cyclotron
19:00     Conference dinner (bus departure from hotels 18:30)
21.09 Saturday
9:00 9:15   Welcome address by the Director of INP,
      Prof. A. Budzanowski
Session 9   Chaiperson: N. Postiau
9:15 9:45 I-3 AIC-144 cyclotron: present status
      R. Taraszkiewicz, INP Kraków
9:45 10:15 I-12 Superconducting cyclotrons for medical applications
      M. Schillo, ACCEL, Bergisch Gladbach
10:15 10:35 C-14 Status Report on PSI Cyclotron accelerator facility
      M. Humbel, PSI Villigen
10:35 10:55 C-30 Beam-dynamics studies in a 250 MeV super-conducting cyclotron with a particle tracking program
      J. M. Schippers, PSI Villigen
10:55 11:30   Coffee break
Session 10   Chaiperson: R. Oganessian
11:30 11:50 C-35 The past and future of fast neutron radioteraphy in Kraków
      M. Waligórski, Oncology Centre Kraków
11:50 12:10 C-8 A Superconducting Cyclotron as a primary accelerator for exotic beam facilities
      M. Maggiore, INFN-LNS, Catania
12:10 12:50   Summary and conclusions
      H. Homeyer, HMI Berlin