Warsaw University, Heavy Ion Laboratory, 30.06 - 4.07.1998

Third Announcement

Conference Secretariat:

e-mail: conf@slcj.uw.edu.pl
fax: (+48-22) 659 2714
phone: (+48-22) 658 2021
Heavy Ion Laboratory
Warsaw University ul.Pasteura 5a
02-093 Warszawa

Organisers and Sponsors

Heavy Ion Laboratory, Warsaw University
Srodowiskowe Laboratorium Ciezkich Jonów Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego
Institute of Experimental Physics, Warsaw University
Instytut Fizyki Doswiadczalnej Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego
The Andrzej Soltan Institute for Nuclear Studies, Swierk
Instytut Problemów Jadrowych im. Andrzeja Soltana, Swierk
Foundation for the Development of the Education System TEMPUS
Fundacja Rozwoju Systemu Edukacji TEMPUS
French-Polish Convention IN2P3/ Polish Laboratories
Polsko-Francuskie Porozumienie o Wspólpracy pomiedzy IN2P3 a Laboratoriami Polskimi
Leopold Kronenberg Foundation
Fundacja Bankowa im. Leopolda Kronenberga
Ministry of Education
Ministerstwo Edukacji Narodowej
Polish Atomic Agency
Polska Agencja Atomistyki
Polish Physical Society
Polskie Towarzystwo Fizyczne
Polish State Committee for Scientific Research
Komitet Badan Naukowych KBN
Rector of the Warsaw University
Rektor Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego
Stefan Batory Foundation
Fudacja im. Stefana Batorego

Honorary Committee

Benoît d'Aboville, Ambassador of France to Poland
Andrzej Borkowski, Mayor of Ochota District of Warsaw
Georges Charpak, 1992 Nobel Prize Winner, CERN
Sydney Galès, President of NuPECC
Miroslaw Handke, Minister of Education
Leszek Kunicki, President of the Polish Academy of Sciences
Hélène Langevin-Joliot, Professor of Physics, Orsay
Jerzy Niewodniczanski, President of the Polish Atomic Agency
Wlodzimierz Siwinski, Rector of the Warsaw University
Andrzej Wiszniewski, President of the Polish State Comm. for Sci. Research

Advisory Board

Juha Äystö (Jyväskylä University)
Jorrit de Boer (LMU, Munich)
George Dracoulis (ANU, Canberra)
Till von Egidy (TU, Munich)
Hubert Flocard (IN2P3, Paris)
Joël Galin (GANIL, Caen)
Andrée Gizon (ISN, Grenoble)
Mark Huyse (IKS, Leuven)
Attila Krasznahorkay (INP, Debrecen)
Rainer M. Lieder (IK, Jülich)
Witold Nazarewicz (ORNL, Oak Ridge)
Wolfram von Oertzen (HMI, Berlin)
Yuri Ts. Oganessian (JINR, Dubna)
Ernst Roeckl (GSI, Darmstadt)
Mitsuo Sakai (INS, Tokyo)
John F. Sharpey-Schafer (NAC, Faure)
Örjan Skeppstedt (Chalmers University, Göteborg)
Jan Styczen (INP, Cracow)
Zdzislaw Szymanski (Warsaw University)
Zdzislaw Wilhelmi (Warsaw University)

Conference program

The conference program will consist of invited talks (35 min + 10 min for discussion) and contributed presentations (15 min + 5 min for discussion) as well as of the permanent poster display.

At the last day of the conference the panel discussion with the working title: Heavy ion physics - decline and revival is planned. The panel discussion is open to everybody and short presentations, covering both general issues and specific problems, are welcome for discussion. If you already plan to raise an issue, an earlier indication of the subject via e-mail will be very helpful to orchestrate the event.

Preliminary program outline




Coulomb excitation

Gaint resonanses
Heavy ions and light projectiles outside of nuclear physics Radioactive beams


Far-of the stability line

15.00-19.00 14.00 - 22.00 REGISTRATION Reaction mechanism and nuclear structure Giant resonances Laser spectroscopy

Far-off the stability line
Radiactive beams

Evening events

Preliminary list of talks

P. Alexa, Prague
Electromagnetic coupling between isomeric state and ground state in 180Ta
A.N. Andreyev, Leuven
Alpha-decay studies of the lightest Po isotopes charac- terising intruder states in neutron-deficient Po and Pb nuclei
W. Assmann, Munich
Elastic recoil detection analysis with heavy ion beams
C. Beck, Strasbourg
Competition between quasi-molecular resonances and fusion-fission in light dinuclear systems
R. Béraud, Lyon
A new 400 ms isomer in 125La and low energy intrinsic states in A=133,131,129,127,125 La isotopes
A. Bonaccorso, Pisa
Transfer reactions near the Coulomb barrier
R. Broda, Kraków
Concluding remarks
P.A. Butler, Liverpool
Pear-shaped nuclei in the radium playground
V.I. Chepigin, Dubna
Control experiments on synthesis of superheavy nuclei on separator VASSILISSA with 48Ca beam
D. Cline, Rochester
Collective modes studied by Coulomb excitation
B. Constantinescu, Bucharest
Interferences problems related to Pb-As in glassy and silver materials
S. Courtin, Strasbourg
Entrance-channel effects in the fusion of nickel isotopes at near-barrier energies
C. Dasso, Copenhagen/Trento
Unsafe Coulex
M. Di Toro, Catania
The Giant Dipole Resonance as a probe of nuclear structure under extreme conditions
J. Dobaczewski, Warsaw
Structure of nuclei at extreme values of the isospin
J. Fernández Niello, Buenos Aires
AMS measurements on South American rainwater samples
D. Forkel-Wirth, Genève
Radioactive isotopes in solid state physics
B. Fornal, Kraków
Spectroscopy at the neutron-rich edge of beta stability valley
G. de France, Caen
Realistic physics perspectives using radioactive beams from SPIRAL at GANIL
E. Gadioli, Milano
Pre-equilibrium phenomena and nuclear thermalization up to 10 MeV/A
Y. P. Gangrsky, Dubna
Laser spectroscopy on the beams of accelerated heavy ions
D. Habs, Munich
Facilities for neutron rich radioactive beams, produced by the ISOL method
P. Haensel, Warsaw
Nuclei in bottom layers of neutron star crusts with recent SLy effective N-N interactions
T. Härtlein, Heidelberg
New insights in the first backbending region of heavy Dy-isotopes
K. Helariutta, Jyväskylä
Study of shape coexistence in the very neutron-deficient nucleus 176Hg
T. Itahashi, Osaka
Development of experimental facility for nuclear astrophysics at RCNP
A. Jokinen, Jyväskylä
Recent developments at IGISOL facility
H. Karwowski, North Carolina
p-d elastic scattering at low energies
M. Kicinska-Habior, Warsaw
Statistical decay of the Giant Dipole Resonance excited by complete fusion reactions and other sources of high energy *-rays in heavy ion collisions at 4-11 MeV/u
M. Leino, Jyväskylä
Decay and in-beam studies of neutron-deficient Po and Ra isotopes using the gas-filled recoil separator RITU at JYFL
A. Lépine-Szily, Sao Paulo
Spectroscopy of the unbound 11N nucleus by the 12C(14N,15C)11N transfer reaction
A. Maj, Kraków
Properties of hot nuclei studied by the GDR *-decay in exclusive experiments
A. Marcinkowski, Warsaw
Sum-rule analysis of low-energy one step direct reactions
P.J. Napiorkowski, Warsaw
Nuclear structure studied via Coulomb excitation
D. Novak, Stockholm
Single event upset test at the CRYRING heavy-ion accelerator
A.M.J. Paans, Groningen
Positron emission tomography
M. Pfützner, Warsaw
Borders of the nuclear world - 100 years after discovery of polonium
V. Plujko, Kiev
Relaxation of fast collective motion in heated nuclei
J. Sauvage, Orsay
Nuclear structure of neutron-deficient Au and Pt isotopes from high-resolution laser spectroscopy at ISOLDE
D. Semkin, Cheboksary
Features of nuclear reactions induced by dripline light nuclei at near-barrier energies
R. Smolanczuk, Warsaw
Decay properties of heaviest atomic nuclei
J. Srebrny, Warsaw
Coulomb excitation with multidetector systems - electromagnetic structure of 128Xe
Z. Sujkowski, Swierk
High energy atomic physics with low energy accelerators
A. Turos, Swierk/Warsaw
Polygonisation of single crystals - a new effect of swift ion bombardment
V. Volkov, Dubna
From deep inelastic transfer reactions to complete fusion of nuclei
H.-J. Wollersheim, Darmstadt
Study of the K=8 and K=16 isomeric states in 178Hf
A.K. Wróblewski, Warsaw
The first three years of radioactivity

Poster display

Poster boards will be available during the whole period of the conference. The size of a poster should not exceed 80 x 120 cm.

Conference Proceedings

Transcripts of all oral presentations and posters will be published in the Acta Physica Polonica B after passing a usual refereeing procedure. Contributions are limited to 15 pages in case of invited talks and to 8 pages in case of contributed talks and the poster presentations. Two copies of the paper should be submitted by the 30 of June 1998. To speed up the publication authors are kindly requested to provide, if possible, a diskette with the LaTex version of the paper. Manuscripts should be printed single sided, double spaced on A4-format paper. Abstracts should not exceed 250 words and can not be divided into paragraphs. Figures should not exceed A4 size and, in the electronic version, should be PostScript compatible. The standard LateX "article" style may be used, possibly with extensions provided by the Acta Physica Polonica style. Detailed instructions can be found in "A Guide to the Authors" of Acta Physica Polonica and a template paper is also available.

Social events

Tuesday, 30 June evening: welcome reception at HIL
Thursday, 2 July: dinner at restaurant "Wilanów" close to the Wilanów Palace of King Sobieski
Friday, 3 July: Opera by W.A. Mozart " Idomeneo, re di Creta".
Sunday, 5 July: excursion
It will be either a bus trip to Zelazowa Wola (Chopin's birthplace) with the piano concert or a guided tour of the Warsaw Old Town. The excursion(s) will be organised depending on the number of people interested. Therefore we would appreciate an earlier e-mail information in case you may be interested.

How to reach HIL?

We enclose the map which should help you to find your way.

If you arrive by air you can:

If you arrive by train to Warszawa Centralna you can:

As everywhere in the world you have to watch out for pickpockets if you take a public bus or tram.

When arriving by car:

We hope that the enclosed map can help you to find your way but please don't hesitate to contact us for more details.


Usually June and July are nice and warm in Poland, (about 25*C) but you have to be prepared for extremes, cold (13-15*C) with rain and hot (30-35*C).

Organising Committee

Tomasz Czosnyka - Co-chairman, HIL UW
Jerzy Jastrzebski - Co-chairman, HIL UW
Anna Stolarz - Scientific Secretary, HIL UW
Lucjan Zemlo - Treasurer, HIL UW
Danka Chmielewska - SINS, Swierk
Jaroslaw Choinski - HIL UW
Maciej Kapusta - IEP UW
Piotr Lubinski - HIL UW
Pawel Napiorkowski - HIL UW
Marcin Palacz - HIL UW
Agnieszka Trzcinska - HIL UW
Marzena Wolinska - HIL UW
Jan Zylicz - IEP UW

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