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Administrator PNPN, 10 kwietnia 2007 :

We are happy to announce that the EURISOL User Group has been inaugurated,
with specific goals:

(i) to continuously update and enrich the physics case for EURISOL;

(ii) to contribute to defining the contours and solutions for the EURISOL

(iii) to give a grass roots input to the European strategy for the
development of EURISOL.

At a meeting organised during the EURISOL Design Study town meeting (CERN
27-28 November 2006), the EURISOL User Group was inaugurated with support
from the Europeany ISOL community and the Design Study collaboration.
Angela Bonaccorso ( has volunteered to be the first Co-
ordinator of the User Group with the main task to set up the Group, whose
structure will be better defined in the following months through inputs
from the community.

As part of the first goal of the Group, the Physics and Instrumentation
task of the EURISOL Design Study (, led by Robert
Page (, is looking at specimen experiments (and
associated instrumentation) that will be feasible with EURISOL. Experiments
in eight sub-fields are being considered which can be found at

together with the names of the lead physicists.
The community is invited to contact Angela if they
wish to contribute ideas (theoretical or experimental) for physics
experiments at EURISOL.

The second aim of the User group, to define the EURISOL complex, is
achieved through the interaction of potential users and those involved with
the technical design of EURISOL. At present the technical design is being
realised through the Design Study; the outcome of an initial consultative
study led by Nigel Orr ( can be found at

The community should contact Angela if they have particular requirements
that might influence the design of the facility.

As part of the third goal, input to European Strategy for the development
of EURISOL will be on the agenda of the EURONS-EURISOL-DS Town meeting that
will take place in Helsinki, September 17 to 21, 2007.

Information about the User Group can be found at
The group will elect a small Board responsible
for the organisation of the group during the Helsinki Town Meeting, and
will organise a workshop early in 2008 to promote the EURISOL physics case.

On behalf of the EURISOL Design Study (

Yorick Blumenfeld, IPN Orsay ( (Project Leader)
Graziano Fortuna, INFN Legnaro (
Peter Butler, University of Liverpool (
Mats Lindroos, CERN (
John Cornell, GANIL (

and eurisol (

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