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Jerzy Jastrzębski, 15 lutego 2008 :


First Workshop on
"State of the Art in Nuclear Cluster Physics"
Institut Interdisciplinaire Hubert Curien
Departement de Recherches Subatomiques
Universite Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg I, France
May 13 - May 16, 2008




S O T A N C P 2 0 0 8

Dear Colleagues,

This is the second circular of the first Workshop on "State of the Art
in Nuclear Cluster Physics" to be held in Strasbourg (France), in the
Amphitheatre Marguerite Perrey of the CNRS Administration Deleguee
(Campus of Cronenbourg), on May 13-16, 2008. It is organized by the
Institut Pluridisciplinaire Hubert Curien / Departement de Recherches
Subatomiques (IPHC) of the Universite Louis Pasteur (Strasbourg I).
The meeting will start on tuesday morning at 9:00 AM and finish on
friday afternoon at 4:00 PM.
Details, announcements and updated information can be found on the
Workshop web page:


For this first workshop, it is anticipated to have both theoretical
and experimental presentations on many aspects of Nuclear Clustering.
For the benefit of young researchers, our intention is to retain the
pedagogical nature of our earlier school on "Clusters in Nuclei"
organized in Strasbourg in 2005. Oral contributions will be encouraged,
and we call for one-page abstracts to be examined next month by the
International Advisory Committee.

Seven different topics will cover all aspects of the scientific program:

o Alpha Condensates and Analogy with Condensed Matter Approaches

o Alpha Clustering and Nuclear Molecules

o Clusters in Nuc1ear Astrophysics

o Cluster Radioactivity

o Clusters in Superheavy Nuclei

o Clustering in Nuclei far from Stability

o Two- and Three-body Reactions

The International Advisory Committee has already sent the Organizing
Commitee with recommandations. The preliminary list of the main Speakers
for the seven selected topics is given thereafter:

* Y. Funaki (RIKEN)
"Present status of alpha-particle condensate states in 4n self
conjugate nuclei"

* P. Lecheminant (Cergy)
"Quartet condensation and molecular superfluid phase in
multicomponent fermionic cold atoms" (preliminary title)

* T. Neff (GSI)
"Cluster and shell structures in the Fermionic Molecular Dynamics

* D.T. Khoa (Hanoi)
"Probing the isoscalar excitations of 12C in the inelastic alpha

* P. Descouvemont (Bruxelles)
"Cross Sections for Nuclear Astrophysics"

* D. Poenaru (Bucarest)
"Cluster radioactivity. Past, present, and future"

* V. Zagrebaev (Dubna)
"Clustering Phenomena in Superheavy Nuclear Systems"

* Y. Kanada-En'yo (Kyoto)
"Cluster structure of unstable nuclei studied with AMD"

* D. Baye (Bruxelles)
"Three and Four-body Breakup Reactions"

We are pleased to add that Prof. W. Greiner (Frankfurt) has kindly
accepted to give the Summary Talk on friday afternoon.

The program will consist of general talks, given by the speakers listed
above, and a large number of oral presentations selected from the
contributed papers. A more detailed program will be sent out at a later
stage in the Third Circular. In the meantime we would appreciate if
those wishing to contribute could send us as soon as possible the title
and a one-page abstract of their contribution, if possible, no later
than March 15, 2008, deadline for abstract submission.


We are now able to inform you that the Proceedings will be published
by World Scientific in a Special Issue of the International Journal
of Modern Physics E (
Information on the style files and the preparation of "camera-ready
copy" ( under
"ijmpe" using Latex2e) will be more detailed in the Third Circular.


No fees will be asked to the participants. Morning and afternoon
Coffee Breaks (with no extra costs) will be organised and a
Welcome Aperitif will be offered by the IPHC on tuesday evening
at 7:00 PM after the last afternoon Session. Participants will be
welcome to have lunch at the CNRS cantine (between noon and 1:30 PM).
Each meal will cost approximately 10 euros (to be paid in cash).

For a final registration please send an email either to or (/and) to
with the following informations (do not forget to indicate your
choices of Topics/Sessions): Last Name:
First Name:
Postal Address:
Oral contribution: Yes No
Title of contribution:
First choice of Session:
Second choice of Session:
Written contribution: Yes No
Accompanying personn: Yes No


Information on acces to the Campus of Cronenbourg is given in:

More general information on the city of Strasbourg


A large selection of Hotels in Strasbourg (with prices, locations,
etc ...) is listed in:


Suzanne Guyonnet (IPHC/DRS Strasbourg)
E-mail : or
Phone : 33 (0) 3 88 10 67 89
FAX : 33 (0) 3 88 10 64 79


C. Helfer, Y. Heyd, N. Rudolf, and J. Schuller IPHC, Strasbourg

Please distribute this announcement amoung your colleagues and students
who may be interested and who have not yet received the First Circular.

We look forward to seeing you in Strasbourg next May !

With best wishes.

Yours faithfully,

Christian Beck (IPHC/DRS Strasbourg), Workshop Chairman,
Marianne Dufour (IPHC/DRS Strasbourg),
Peter Schuck (IPN Orsay)

PS: We apologize if you receive the Second Circular more than once.

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