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Workshop programme

Sunday 24thMonday 25thTuesday 26th Wednesday 27thThursday 28thFriday 1st Saturday 2nd
15:00 K. Rusek
HIL presentation
16:00 M. Zielinska
guided tour of the experimental hall
10:00 K. Hadyńska-Klęk
A short introduction to radio-safety
10:45 O. Steczkiewicz
Heavy ion acceleration
12:00 O. Steczkiewicz guided tour of the accelerator
10:00 A.Stolarz
Targets for nuclear physics
11:00 K.W. Kemper
Nuclear Structure From Scattering and Gamma Decays
10:00 S. Lalkovski
In-beam fast-timing technique for nuclear structure studies
10:00 I.Boztosun
Theoretical Description of Direct Nuclear Reactions
10:00 K. Czerski
Nuclear Reactions at Extremely Low Energies: Is the Cold Fusion Possible?
10:00 L. Próchniak
Collective phenomena
11:00 K.Mazurek
Selected applications of the macroscopic-microscopic method
work in teamswork in teamswork in teams
beamtime for group A
work in teams
beamtime for group B
work in teams
beamtime for group C
18:00 presentation of experimental set-ups and team projects18:00 welcome reception      

Sunday 3rdMonday 4thTuesday 5th Wednesday 6thThursday 7thFriday 8th Saturday 9th
DAY OFF 10:00 M.-D.Salsac
Gamma-ray detectors
11:00 M. Zielińska
Measurements of transition probabilities
10:00 Z.Janas
Radioactivity at the limits of nuclear existence
11:00 S. Kistryn
Few-body systems
12:00 U. Kaźmierczak
Radiobiological studies at HIL
10:00 T. Matulewicz
Strange particles in nuclear matter
11:15 I.Martel
Beta-delayed particle emission
10:00 P. Olbratowski
Nuclear waste, uranium resources and fast reactors

10:00 student presentations10:00 Remarks on student presentations
Round-table discussion moderated by P. Napiorkowski
work in teamswork in teamswork in teams work in teams14:00 K. Kilian
Radiopharmaceuticals for PET
15:00 P.Olko
Proton therapy of cancer - where do we go?
16:00 awarding of the prize for the best presentation
    19:00 Workshop dinner

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. All materials in this page reflect the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.