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Polish-German Meeting on the New International Accelerator Facility at Darmstadt

Warsaw, Heavy Ion Laboratory, 24 November 2003

First Announcement

Scope of Meeting

The motivation for the one-day meeting is to bring together members of the Polish atomic, nuclear and hadronic physics community, some of their German collaboration partners as well as representatives of the Polish authorities, for a discussion of future Polish participation in the New International Accelerator Facility at Darmstadt.

Time and Place of Meeting

  • 24 November 2003, 10:15 to 18:45

  • Heavy Ion Laboratory (HIL), ul. Pasteura 5a, Warszawa,


In all matters related to the meeting, the Local Organising Committee should be contacted by using:

e-mail: conf@slcj.uw.edu.pl
tel: +48-22-5546206 or +48-22-5546342
fax: +48-22-6592714

The meeting information will be posted on the Web page www.slcj.uw.edu.pl/darmstadt/


Everyone interested in participating in the Meeting should complete a short registration form and send it up to the Local Organising Committee (conf@slcj.uw.edu.pl) as soon as possible, but not later than 17 November 2003.

An early contact is particularly important in case a room reservation is needed (see below).

Travel Information

The Heavy Ion Laboratory in Warsaw can be easily reached by public transport from the Okecie International Airport, as well as from the center of the city. For detailed information on how to reach HIL please refer to the meeting Web page.

We have booked certain number of rooms in the Hotel Vera (www.euroinfo.com.pl/hotels/vera.htm) at the following reduced prices (per night, including breakfast):







single room:

190 PLN

250 PLN

double room:

190 PLN

280 PLN

Hotel Vera is situated within walking distance to HIL (15 min.) - see the map on the meeting WWW page.

A very limited number of guest rooms is available in the HIL building at 90 PLN per night.

Room reservations in the Hotel Vera or HIL should be done as soon as possible by contacting the Local Organising Committee (conf@slcj.uw.edu.pl)

Information about other hotels in Warsaw can be found on the Web, see for example HotelsPoland.com.

Use of Beamer and Overhead Projector

For their presentations, speakers may use either a beamer connected to a PC with Power Point or an overhead projector. In the former case it is advisable to contact the Local Organising Committee in advance and to bring a set of "back-up transparencies" along. Connecting a speaker's own notebook computer to the beamer is of course also possible.


It is intended to issue a "slide report" containing the viewgraphs shown during the meeting. The report will be posted on the Web page. The speakers are asked to hand out corresponding material to the Local Organising Committee (preferably in the .pdf format), before or during the meeting.

International Organising Committee

J. Eschke, Darmstadt
J. Jastrzębski, Warsaw (co-chair)
R. Kulessa, Cracow
Z. Majka, Cracow
E. Roeckl, Darmstadt and Warsaw (co-chair)
B. Sikora, Warsaw (scientific programme)
J. Styczeń, Cracow

Local Organising Committee

J. Choiński

B. Sikora

T. Czosnyka

B. Stępniewski

J. Jastrzębski

H. Szczekowska

M. Kopka

A. Trzcińska

I. Mazur

M. Wolińska-Cichocka

P.J. Napiorkowski

M. Zielińska

M. Palacz



The Local Organising Committee will be glad to organise an informal come-together on Sunday, 23 November, in the evening. Participants interested in such an event should contact in advance the Local Organising Committee.

Coffee and tea during the breaks, as well as a buffet lunch, will be served to participants free of charge. There is no conference fee.

The meeting is jointly supported by the German Embassy in Warsaw, GSI Darmstadt, HIL Warsaw, and the Polish Nuclear Physics Network.