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September 14/15 2004 , Institute of Nuclear Physics PAN Kraków

The meeting was originally planned as the internal Polish Nuclear Physics Network gathering. The development with the EURONS project invoked our wish to invite also Friends from Czech, Hungary and Slovakia to discuss all problems related to our links and cooperation within the NEEN part of the SEENEEN - EURONS Networking Activity. The general aim of the meeting is to discuss the organizational and technical problems – with physics in the background, the main attention will be focused on perspectives for the most efficient participation in European projects.

The meeting starts on Tuesday at 11:00 to enable Polish participants to arrive. The programme displayed below should be taken as the preliminary outline and the free, open discussion is welcomed at any point.


Tuesday 14, 11:00 Conference room in IFJ PAN Kraków

  1. Prof. M.Jeżabek – IFJ PAN Director - welcome opening

  2. R.Broda – Information on the SEENEEN activity within the EURONS (15’)

  3. J.Jastrzębski – Information on the Polish Nuclear Physics Network (presentation, pdf file) (15’)

  4. R.Lovas (presentation, *pdf file), A.Krasznahorkey (presentation, *ppt file) – Nuclear physics in Hungary (15’)

  5. J.Dobes (presentation, *ppt file), A.Kugler (presentation, *ppt file) – Nuclear Physics in Czech Republic (15’)

  6. E.Betak – Nuclear Physics in Slovakia (presentation, *pdf file)(15’)

13:30 Lunch

14:30 Afternoon session

(will start with the approx. 10’presentation of the status of various projects and our


  1. T.Czosnyka – INTAG, Instrumentation for Tagging

  2. K.Rusek – Reaction Studies at SPIRALII (presentation, *ppt file)

  3. A.Maj – RISING project (presentation, *ppt file)

  4. K.Rusek – ICARE in Warsaw (presentation, *ppt file)

  5. W.Męczyński – AGATA project (presentation, *ppt file)

  6. A.Trzcińska – Antiprotons in FLAIR and NUSTAR-future Darmstadt research programme (presentation, *pdf file)

  7. M.Zielińska – Information on the PNPN Web page

  8. General Discussion on all aspects of the NEEN, SEENEEN and PNPN networking activity

20:00 Dinner

Wednesday 15.09.04

9:00 IFJ PAN conference room

L.Pieńkowski – EURISOL- eropean project of radioactive beams

Z.Majka – Status of the European Project on Hadron Physics

P.Salabura – Future DAQ – program within I3HP (presentation, *ppt file)

B.Zwęgliński – PANDA at the FAIR Facility at GSI (presentation, *pdf file)

Continuation of the General Discussion

13:30 Lunch

and departure


It is a working meeting and we shall be flexible to modify the programme if needed.

The English language will be used.

The computer and normal projectors will be available.

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